Biloxi Water, Sewer & Storm Drainage System Consulting

Water, Sewer & Storm Drainage System Consulting -City of Biloxi 

Brown, Mitchell & Alexander, Inc. (BMA) was selected by the City of Biloxi to assist in preparation of project worksheets for use by MEMA/FEMA in funding repairs to the water distribution, sewer collection and storm drainage systems in areas throughout the City.  This work included evaluation of damages to the systems, master plans for repair, modeling existing and proposed systems and preparing written reports detailing proposed repair work.  These Master Plans included both areas affected by Hurricane Katrina and those that were not inundated. This work built upon earlier planning and modeling work that BMA had provided for the City’s water and sewer infrastructure. BMA worked closely with the City’s engineering, public works and building departments as well as MEMA and FEMA to determine the extent of damage and proposed alternate designs to maximize the funding for repairs allowed under federal regulations.  Project required knowledge of federal, state and local codes and standards.  

The result of the 17 Project Worksheets was FEMA funding for the repairs to water, sewer and drainage infrastructure in excess of $350 million.  

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